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HI my name is SUNDARI ! but you can also call me sunnie or varsha. i’m 18 years old and my birthday is April 16. i’m an aries and i make sure to remind people that i’m an aries as much as possible.

i’m literally an irl angel and princess! personally i’d say that my aesthetic is rainbows, soft things like stuffed animals, vintage furniture, shiny lipgloss and beautiful flowy dresses, but i don’t like to pigeonhole myself because i contain multitudes!

i'm from toronto but I live in the usa now

i'm majoring in biochemistry and minoring in french + spanish

my favorite musicians are maître gims, sia, and marina diamandis

i love love love rabbits and bears

some things that i collects are pin-back buttons, pressed pennies and keychains

i tend to obsess over my appearance a lot

i have narcolepsy and there is never a time that i’m not sleepy

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